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Commissioned jewellery

This is a selection of jewellery that people have requested. Sometimes it's for something in particular colours, a variation on something else or shorter earrings.

How to commission something

If you like the style of jewellery I make and you would like something specific, contact me.

If I make something for you, I'll send you a photograph before you decide whether to buy. Commissioned jewellery doesn't cost any more than similar items in my shop.

Summery necklace

April 2014

My customer who had bought the turquoise blue and green glass necklace wanted a summery necklace to go with it.

I sourced over 500 beads from in various sizes in blues and greens to make the necklace.

I also offered a couple of options for the toggle clasp. She chose a solid silver floral clasp.

She was very happy with the resulting necklace.

Purple pearl necklace

March 2014

A purple necklace attracted the attention of two regular customers after it appeared in my mailed shop update.

But it had been bought within 30 minutes of being seen by a third regular customer!

I was asked to make something similar. My customer sent me an example of how she wanted the necklace to hang. She also asked for something with hematite and purple pearls, preferably coin pearls.

I made two necklaces in different styles. She really liked the long necklace that was most similar to the original necklace.

Summery bracelet

March 2014

A customer had bought a bracelet but it was too small for her. She declined my offer to lengthen it , gave it to her daughter and asked me to make a larger bracelet in the same style but in turquoise.

I didn't have any beads left which meant that my customer could have a bracelet in any colour as I would have to buy the beads anyway.

I sent her photos of the other bracelets I had made in that style. She liked the one in aqua and emerald green.

Purple pearl necklace

January 2014

A purple necklace attracted the attention of two regular customers after it appeared in my mailed shop update.

But it had been bought within 30 minutes of being seen by a third regular customer!

I was asked to make something similar. I made something in the same style with beads I had available.

I sent a photo for approval. The customer was very happy.


January 2011

A lady liked a necklace in my shop but wanted it fixed length rather than adjustable with a beaded extension.

I sent her a photo of clasp options photographed against the necklace.

I also showed top options for the beads next to the clasp, because making the pattern of beads symmetrical either side of the clasp made the necklace half a centimetre over the required length.

Necklace remake

December 2010

A regular customer asked me to make another necklace to one she had bought from me some time ago. It was her daughter's and it had been broken by her new baby.

The necklace was a second-hand vintage necklace I had sold. She wanted a different length and also wanted the diamante spacers replaced.

I asked her to send me the broken necklace so that I could reuse as many beads as possible. I sourced new findings, remaking the necklace according to my customer's requirements.

Monochrome choker

April 2009

A regular customer wanted to give her daughter a choker necklace suitable for wearing with black and grey for business meetings. Colours which would be good are black, grey and gold and possibly creamy white.

I sent a photo of possible bead ideas before we spoke on the phone, where I found out that the daughter liked things very simple, unfussy.

The lady liked the matrix in turquoise and so I went on the hunt for beads and soon realised the snowflake obsidian fit the bill and sent a photo.

When the beads arrived, I sent a photo with suggestions for matching beads - we both preferred the small hematite.

The lady and daughter were both very pleased with the resulting necklace.

Red and gold bead charm bracelet

March 2009

A friend wanted to give one of my heavy bead charm bracelet as a wedding gift for a wedding she was attending in Pakistan, where red and gold are associated with weddings.

I suggested ivory/white too and ordered some red beads. When they arrived I sent a photo with bead suggestions.

We decided to stick with the red and gold. The bracelet was well received by the customer and the intended recipient.

Matching Grey earrings

September 2008

A regular customer who liked this grey lariat wanted some matching earrings.

I sent links to three styles of pearl earrings that could be made in the lariat's colours. She chose the first, long style.

I made two versions of the earrings and sent a photo. She went for the all-grey earrings.

Random Flower necklace

July 2008

A lady had seen a necklace she liked on my page of recently-sold items which wasn't available in the shop. She asked for something similar.

I sent her links to past colour options and she choose one in pinks, greens, purples and browns.

I made a necklace in a similar colour scheme using prehnite, amethyst, pink enamelled flowers, glass and freshwater pearls.

The customer was pleased with the finished necklace.

Bracelet + earrings to match a lariat

February 2007

The person who bought this lariat asked for a matching bracelet and earrings to be made.

She wanted a memory-wire bracelet but I found that the rectangle mother of pearl beads would not go around the wire.

I made something else in a favoured style and sent a photos of the bracelet and earrings. She was happy with both.

Green and red lariat + earrings

February 2007

I was contacted by someone who wanted a lariat to go with a specific outfit to go to a wedding. She had seen this recently-sold one-of-a-kind lariat.

I asked to see a picture of the outfit - we considered various other lariat colours but came back to red and green.

I used garnet, resin, mother of pearl, freshwater pearl, carnelian and glass.

I also made a matching bracelet with a loosely plaited design to look like a strand wrapped around one's wrist. I sent pictures and the customer bought both pieces.

Green and purple necklaces + earrings

July 2007

A regular customer wanted some necklaces to go with a new party dress and blouse. The strapless dress was in soft greens in layers of soft material. The sheer blouse was in purples, blues, greens and oranges, embellished with sequins and bead flowers and needed something unfussy.

She brought the clothes over and together we worked together to design and make these short necklaces and matching earrings.

Silver and pale green necklace

June 2007

A man liked the colours of this pearl necklace and asked for a less feminine version without the heart and silver daisy spacers.

I sent him options for alternative separators, both agreeing on none at all.

The new 19" necklace has a simple silver toggle clasp.

Grey lariat

May 2007

A regular customer asked for a lariat in shades of grey. It's not something I usually make but was interested in the challenge.

I bought a selection of grey beads from different sources and ended up making my longest lariat (117"!) with labradorite, agate, freshwater pearls, mother of pearls and dark grey glass.

Amazonite and golden pearl necklace

May 2007

A man who bought this bracelet and matching earrings for his wife, later mailed to say that his wife would like a matching necklace.

I'd made the bracelet the previous year and had to buy two sets of amazonite before I found a good colour match.

The finished necklace included a beaded extension so that it can be worn at different lengths.

Kyanite choker

Feb 2006

A regular customer asked for a choker necklace in the style of this beaded kyanite bracelet.

Brown lariat

Nov 2005

Someone who'd seen my eBay auctions asked a lariat in "earthy tones, reds, orange, etc."

This was the first time that I mixed seed beads.

Pale green and lilac lariat

Feb 2005

An eBay customer liked this one-of-a-kind lariat but didn't get to the auction in time.

I was out of the lime green enamelled beads which made it one-of-a-kind.

I sent a photo for alternatives and pointed her to Brendan Blake's boro lampwork bead auctions.

We both decided that Blake's Veridian Vapors beads would be perfect.

I made a new lariat with three boro beads, including a bigger one at the centre.

Green enamel earrings

Sep 2004

Someone who bought these earrings wanted a simple necklace to go with them.

First bead charm bracelet

Apr 2004

Up until April 2004, I was only making earrings. A regular eBay customer asked me to add some beads to her silver bracelet.

I sent her a photograph of four choices of bead combinations.

Enamel and gemstone earrings

Mar 2004

An Italian eBay customer wanted a shorter version of these long enamel earrings.

I tried out three things, sending her a photo.

She chose the last option.

I thought the increased use of garnet looked better compared to the original and adapted the long earrings.

They're still one of my all-time favourite earring designs.