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Desktop wallpapers

This is a collection of 45 desktop wallpapers I created with KPT 3 between 2000 and 2001 organised into 11 themes. Get started with my favourites. More recent high-resolution images are available to license from [off-site] Alamy, a leading portal for both general and specialist images.

[Blue fire] [Eyes] [Flames] [Fruity] [Fish] [Tangerine] [Pastel] [Feathers] [Planet] [Garden] [Misc]

Terms of use

You may use these images for your own entertainment only. For example, you may use them as your desktop wallpaper, a screen saver for your own computer or you can print them out for a nearby wall.

You may not redistribute or use these images commercially. For example, you may not sell them, e-mail them, upload them to another computer, send printouts to other people, put them on your web page, or even use them as images on your site by a link to this site.